FOR 2018-2020

The Republic of Tajikistan assumes CICA Chairmanship at an important time for Asia: a vast region, facing new challenges, in which historical destinies of peoples and nations are closely intertwined in pursuit of strong economic expansion, joint sustainable development and progress.

Peoples of Asia, indissolubly linked by rich diversity of indigenous cultures, common history and the view to guaranteeing supreme values, are deeply aware that the achievement of Wide Avenue of peace and prosperity only be possible through creation of a secure environment.

In this context, CICA serves as an important platform for open and broad exchange of views on ways for strengthening practical cooperation to ensure peace, stability and mutual understanding.

Proceeding from the Declarations of the Fourth CICA Summit of 2014 and Fifth Meeting of CICA Ministers of Foreign Affairs of 2016, the Republic of Tajikistan is determined to foster peaceful, just and inclusive societies in Member States, which are free from fear and violence. There can be no sustainable development without overall peace and security and no overall peace and security without sustainable development.

Promoting overall peace and security through sustainable development is possible by the implementation of the UN Global Agenda 2030 and achievement of its relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets.

Nowadays we may observe the immense challenges to the promoting comprehensive peace and security in CICA region. Terrorist and extremist activities spread across national borders, representing a global security challenge that countries cannot tackle alone. These challenges demand a multi-sectoral, comprehensive and effective cooperation between national, regional and international level actors in framing response strategies.

In this respect, Tajik Chairmanship formulates its working vision taking into account the need of the implementation of Confidence Building Measures in various fields. The Chairmanship welcomes the Member States intending to host the activities which are unspecified to be held by the Chairmanship.

Tajikistan is going to develop and implement its mandated tasks:

1. CICA Capacity Building

  • To hold the Meeting of Special Working Groups and Senior Officials Committee.
  • To urge and coordinate lead countries for the implementation of Confidence Building Measures in their respective areas.

2. Major Programs

  • To hold one or two Meetings of CICA Foreign Ministers (formal/informal) during the chairmanship tenure from 2018 to 2020.

3. Cooperation on Implementation of Confidence Building Measures in Various Dimensions:

I. Military and Political Dimension

  • To enhance communication and coordination among CICA Member States.

II. Fight against new challenges and threats

  • To ensure flow of information on measures among Member States on fighting terrorism in all its forms and manifestations as well as prevention of the activities of separatist and extremist organizations and organized crime groups linked closely to them;
  • To strengthen cooperation on information security; cooperate in countering cyber-terrorism and combating cyber-crime;
  • To promote exchange of information on the measures the Member States have taken to curb illicit drug trafficking, human smuggling and trafficking, illegal migration, money laundering, trans-boundary organized crime and illicit trade in small arms and light weapons.

III. Economic Dimension

  • To support economic dimension coordinator countries and their work on the further advancement of the initiatives in the framework of the CICA Business Council;
  • To ensure cooperation to promote various modes of transport linkages;
  • To enhance cooperation for the development of secure and effective systems of transportation corridors;
  • To take necessary steps to ensure energy security cooperation in the CICA region, including enhancing efficiency and safety of the routes and security of supply of energy;
  • To widen cooperation in the sphere of tourism by exchanging information in this field and encouraging contacts between tourism organizations of the Member States;
  • To strengthen cooperation among financial sectors and enhance their capacity;
  • To promote business opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • To expand investment opportunities of the Member States;
  • To encourage cooperation in the field of communications and information technology;
  • To establish a common database on trade and other areas of economic interest.

IV. Human Dimension

  • To encourage national information agencies and mass-media for the promotion of Confidence Building Measures in all agreed dimensions of CICA;
  • To promote cultural exchange and cooperation through cultural activities, awareness-raising and dissemination of information on cultural diversity in the CICA area in order to encourage tolerance and mutual understanding;
  • To promote people-to-people contacts including exchanges among scientific, educational and sports institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations; and developing projects concerning, inter alia, scientific cooperation, exchange of students and joint events.

V. Environmental Dimension

  • To promote sharing information of best practices concerning national policies on environmental protection and sustainable development;
  • To support developing guidelines for cooperation in the fields of disaster management systems, national monitoring of environmental and disaster situations, development of early warning systems, holding joint trainings and search-rescue operations.